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Teeth bonding is among the most simple procedures we offer at our Scottsdale Dental Office. Dental bonding is usually recommended for a cavity that needs to be filled, or a silver restoration needing replacement, or a fractured, chipped, cracked, stained tooth. A simple tooth bonding in Scottsdale may be all that you need to treat a chipped, discolored, or cracked tooth.  At Scottsdale Dentistry we utilize white/tooth colored fillings that blend beautifully with the natural teeth.


Cosmetic Dental bonding is used to repair and restore teeth that are damaged by minor fractures, cracks, stains or to close gaps caused by peg teeth. Dental bondings are available in several shades to match natural tooth colors. Dental bonding is often used as part of smile makeover in cosmetic dentistry in Scottsdale. T


Benefits of Teeth Bonding


  • Dental teeth bonding is fast, only takes one visit to complete
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to veneers
  • It is very conservative and discomfort free.
  • Dental bonding s also used in conjunction with orthodontics to close minor spaces in peg (smaller than normal) teeth.


Dental Bonding Process


The procedure begins with local anesthesia and the area to be treated is prepared and special conditioner is applied and tooth colored resin is bonded and sculpted to the area. The bonding is finished and polished and the bite is evaluated and adjusted. With routine maintenance and gentle care teeth bonding can last may years.


Tooth Colored Restorations


Most of our  patients at our Scottsdale Dentist office request white fillings, and replacement of old silver fillings in order to speak and laugh without having to worry about any metal showing.



Besides the cosmetic benefit of tooth colored restorations there are also health benefits of mercury free fillings. Many patients are concerned about the presence of mercury in silver restorations and prefer the resin restoration instead. The resin restorations adhere and bond to the tooth rather than mechanical retention obtained in silver fillings.

At our Scottsdale dentist office we utilize top of the line composite resin materials such as Filtek composite by 3M dental company. The beauty of composite resin use in dentistry is that the restorations can be used immediately unlike silver where the patient had to wait a few hours before chewing on the filling.


Please contact our dental office if you are thinking about replacing silver fillings or are in need of dental bonding.


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