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Cleaning and Dental prevention


The initial dental visit usually begins with a dental cleaning also known as a prophylaxis. Dental prophylaxis removes plaque, and hard calcified deposits that build on the teeth over time as result of calcium and other substances which are present in the saliva.


How is a dental cleaning done


At our Scottsdale Dentist office special instruments are use to debride the teeth of plaque and tartar without harming the enamel. Some of the instruments that we utilize in the process are:




Ultrasonic instruments emit a sonic vibration that help remove large pieces of tartar deposits while spraying a cooling mist of water that washes away the debris. These instruments are by no means sharp and it is best to inform our hygienist if the sensation are too strong so that the settings can be adjusted to a comfortable level.



Hand Instruments


Once the larger pieces of tartar are gone by the ultrasonics, our dental hygienist in Scottsdale will switch to finer hand tools such as hand scalers to remove smaller deposits and smoothen the surfaces of the teeth.


Dental Polishing


After the surfaces are made smooth our hygienist will polish your teeth using polishing handpiece rotary instrument with a soft rubber cup and prophylaxis paste. This is everybody's most favorite part of the visit as the prophy paste comes in several different flavors such as mint, strawberry, grape, or even bubble gum for the kids.


Foam Fluoride and Varnish


At Scottsdale dentistry following the hygiene appointment fluoride is often applied to rejuvenate and re-mineralize dental enamel. Fluoride is readily available in foam or varnish and comes in different flavors.  It is often recommended not to eat or drink following application of fluoride for 1/2 hour to allow fluoride to travel inside the dental tubules.  Fluoride is also very effective in nuteralizing acid byproduct of dental cavity causing bacteria.



Our Scottsdale Dentist Dr. Michael Mazaheri is well known for providing gentle dental cleanings and dental care for his patients, and often treats patients whom have had uncomfortable dental treatment in the past.


Dental Sealants Scottsdale


Dental sealants are routinely used in our Scottsdale Dental office as they are one of the most effective way to prevent cavities on the top of the teeth. This procedure is used on young adults and children due to their poor oral hygiene habits and food choice.


Sealants are effective at any age as they help protecting teeth against decay-causing bacteria, plaque, and sticky foods.


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