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Our teeth are important part of our daily function and also define our personality. Missing teeth is unpleasant both physically and psychologically. At Scottsdale dentistry we like to help our patients feel good about themselves and restore esthetics and function by careful fitting of dentures and partials to enjoy a beautiful healthy smile for years to come.



Denture Process


Dentures and Partials in ScottsdaleArtificial teeth are set on a resin base that is custom made to the structure of the patient's mouth. The teeth can be made out of plastic or porcelain depending on patient's needs and goals. Our dentures are fabricated by master dental technicians locally in Arizona according to Dr. Mazaheri's specifications. It takes a few visits in order to complete the denture and Dr. Mazaheri closely involves the patient with the selection of shape, shade and position of the teeth in order to achieve patient's expectations.


Following the delivery of dentures, we would want to see you about once a week for a few weeks until the denture is fully adjusted, and relieved of sore areas.


Dentures can also be used along with dental implants where they permanently attach to dental implants and stay in the mouth full time. This type of denture is called implant supported denture or All on four denture.


Immediate Dentures


Generally it takes several visits to fabricate a denture, however when teeth need to be removed and replaced the same day an immediate denture can be fabricated and inserted the same day so that the patient is not without teeth. Following healing the immediate denture needs to be relined and replaced due to restructuring of the tissues following healing.



Partial Dentures


Partial DenturesPartial dentures are use when only one or few of the teeth are missing and it is held with attachments called a clasp that wrap around the remaining healthy natural teeth. Precision attachments are also sometimes used to securely attach partial dentures to teeth with existing crowns for better fit and stability.


The complete denture and partial are both a removable option and have to be cleaned regularly and must only be adjusted by your dentist. or those patients whom want a permanent solution dental implants are the best option. Learn more about dental implants.


Denture Repair


We offer denture repair in Scottsdale. If you have cracked, chipped, or broken dentures we can sometimes repair them. Please give us a call for denture repair.



Denture Cleaning


It is extremely important to keep dentures and partials free of food particles in order to prevent bad breath, growth of fungus and to promote blood flow the keep oral tissues healthy.


How to clean dentures:


  • Rinse your dentures under water before brushing to remove any food particles.
  • Use a denture brush to brush all the surfaces carefully so that they do not get scratched
  • Mouthwash may be used to rinse the mouth following denture removal
  • Dentures need to be removed prior to sleep and kept moist in a denture bath solution


Denture Adhesive


Adhesive  such as Fixodent may be used to help retain and secure the denture for better fit. Adhesives come in several forms such as pads, powder, gel, or wafers and should be used according to instructions.



Other Removable Appliances


Retainers: Following orthodontic treatment retainers are used to prevent relapse of teeth alignment. Retainers must be worn nightly in order to prevent movement of teeth to original position. Retainers can be fixed or removable.  If you need a new retainer fabricated please contact us to discuss the options.


Custom Mouth guards: Are highly encouraged for any athlete, specially those engaged in sports such as  football, and martial arts. Mouth guards help protect the teeth, gums, and lips from trauma from contact. At our Scottsdale dentist office we custom make mouth guards to patients individual needs. Learn the benefits of custom mouth guards.


Space Maintainers: Space maintainer is used to prevent the movement of permanent teeth adjacent to a missing tooth space. Dr. Mazaheri  perscribes space maintainers on pediatric patients to preserve the space lost following removal of a  primary tooth. Sometimes space maintainers can be fixed and stay in place until a dental implant is placed.




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Dentures and Partials in Scottsdale

Partial Dentures

Dentures and Partials in Scottsdale

Partial Dentures

Dentures and Partials in Scottsdale

Partial Dentures