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Full Mouth Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in Scottsdale Arizona


Full mouth reconstruction, full mouth rehabilitation are terms often used to describe the process of rebuilding or simultaneously restoring all of the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws. Full mouth reconstruction is an advance process which joins the expertise of restorative dentistry with the artistry of cosmetic dentistry harmoniously. This process can completely restore your dental health along with adding a highly aesthetic appeal to your smile. If your smile is in need of much more than a simple restoration, our full mouth rehabilitation in Arizona can restore it back to optimal condition.


The need for full mouth reconstruction can result from:


Dentition that have been lost due to trauma to deep decay

Teeth that have been fractures or cracked

Short Teeth that have become worn as result of grinding, clenching, or as a result of long term acid erosion from foods, acid reflux and beverages

Muscle and headache discomfort requiring adjustments to the bite

Severely discolored or damaged teeth from medicine or drug use


How do I choose the right full mouth rehab dentist in Arizona?


Full mouth rehab is a commitment that requires the selection of a dentist with experience and expertise in the field. When Dr. Mazaheri provides consultations to his patients he always shares many of his actual before and after results of the cases to gain his patient's confidence in his techniques and expertise.


At Exceptional Dentistry in Scottsdale AZ we also utilize state of art local dental laboratory with the finest porcelain products to achieve the best possible custom restorations. Our on site dental laboratory master ceramist is always closely involved with Dr. Mazaheri throughout the entire process. When choosing a dentist for your full mouth rehab it is important to see some before and after photos of his/her past results, or even ask for permission to interview some of the patients who undergone the procedure by that dentist. We also encourage a visit to the local dental laboratory used by your dentist to see where your restorations are fabricated.


Full mouth rehab is a team approached process that needs to be carefully planned and executed per individual patient needs.


Full mouth rehab Process in Arizona



Your first appointment starts with a consultation at our dentist office in Scottsdale AZ with Dr. Michael. During your consultation we will examine your teeth, jaw position, soft tissues, and address your needs, concerns and expectations for the treatment. Communication is the key to successfully treatment outcome.


Models and photographic records of the teeth will be collected and studied. We will develop a treatment plan and communicate and explain the entire treatment process, sequencing and develop a roadmap.


We will address any financial concerns and will work with your unique financial needs to help you get the treatment you deserve and approve.


Once the above road map is finalized we can begin treatment. .


Treatment can include and be anything from periodontal gum therapy to Invisalign, and braces depending on your unique situation. It could include:


Porcelain veneers

Crowns and bridges

Periodontal gum treatment

Dental implants


6 month braces


It’s absolutely possible to restore troubled smiles back to full health and beauty! Please give us a call at 480-699-6444 to schedule your consultation and discuss your individual needs





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